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A New Calf and His Name Shall Be …

A new calf and his name shall be JamesA new calf and his name shall be [drumroll] ………………………………….. JAMES.

Anticlimactic isn’t it? I agree.

It was Cornbread Girl’s turn to name the calf. Flossie #39 is the cow whose baby/babies she gets to name each season – last season she had twins Lucy & Briana. Tallulah #158 is the boy’s. I think I shall try to make his name a little more interesting. Maybe King James, because we’re studying about Colonial America in history and there is an interesting correlation between cows and the King.

The son of Mary Queen of Scots and her second husband, Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley, James had more brains than his parents put together, but none of their startlingly good looks. … He could not help having a too-large tongue that made him slobber when he ate or drank …

Excerpt from Virginia’s Father: King James I, by Bruce P. Lenman.
Didn’t know you were getting a history lesson here, did’ya?

King James and FlossieWhen we woke Friday morning to see this little fella we were all overjoyed! He is the first black calf that’s truly ours, a part of the Cornbread Family.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever let you all in on how this farm works. We have 3 cows that are ours (Flossie, Tallulah, and Elvira – full-blooded Angus), my dad has 3 and the bull-calf is his (also Angus), our neighbor has 3 cows (including the one Charolais), and Cornbread Boy has 1 of last years calves that is his named Lily (Charolais/Brangus mix). We also have the three bottle calves that are the kids’ (Gus, Copper, & Buck). So we all split expenses and help out on the farm. Cornbread Daddy is the only one who has experience in this area so we all just do as he tells us. Previous posts regarding calves born recently were none of our very own. However, James is the first of our calves born this season. Yay for James!

Two more cows that did not breed the first go-round so they are going to be later at calving, probably March/April 2016, Elvira is one of those. So we still await the birth of Tallulah’s baby and later Elvira’s and the neighbor’s cow. Most all of the cows on the farm have had their calves now, we are so thankful the Lord above for healthy babies and mamas. May he continue to bless this farm as we strive to put him first in everything.

To God be the glory, great things he has done.

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