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Almost Four Months

Since beginning this low carb journey on June 15 I weighed myself that day, but have not since. I didn’t want to sabotage myself, like I always did based on a number on a scale. So I rely on my clothes, and pictures to let me know that I’m getting somewhere. This was the first time I saw a picture of myself in which I can really see a difference. So here I share it.

overallsAnd as a reward on the 15th of each month I buy a new piece of clothing. It’s been shirts for the past 3 months, but this month it’s something quite … er … different. I know it may not be “hip” and “cool” but I have ALWAYS loved overalls. I wore out the pair I had in high school I loved them so much. I’ve looked for every excuse to get another pair and now, I have it. The kids’ birthday party is a farm theme, and well, we live on a farm, and so I have decided everyone needs a pair of overalls on the farm. Right!? Right.

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