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Cauliflower with Mayo, Mustard, & Cheese

Yummy in my tummy cauliflower
Yummy in my tummy cauliflower

Yes, I know that sounds strange. Believe me, I reluctantly tried it the first time. I was very pleasantly surprised and I continued to enjoy it as I went back for seconds, thirds, you know how it goes. Best of all it’s totally on my eating plan. Cauliflower, mayo, mustard, grated cheese, even a little butter – yes please!

{Can you tell I’m going low-carb? Those evil, evil carbs are my nemesis, nemeses? Either way, we have a love/hate relationship.}

On to the recipe…

Cauliflower “Casserole”

1 cauliflower {Pull off all those leaves and then boil the whole head for about 15 minutes – as in bring water to a boil, put cauliflower in, after it begins to boil let it for 15 minutes or so. Drain and pull or cut apart in casserole dish – cut off most of that big stem and chunk it.}

Next, put a few tablespoons of butter (or margarine, but I tell you that stuff will kill you) over the cauliflower. Also add salt & pepper.

Mix 1 cup of mayo with 2 tsp of mustard and pour/spread over.

Top with as much shredded cheddar as you’d like – I usually use a 1 1/2 cups or so. Your call.

Bake at 375˙ for 10 or 15 minutes, until cheese gets melted and bubbly.

Hope you enjoy!

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