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Chocolate Milk? Calf No. 4 Is Gorgeous

Chocolate milk? Calf No. 4 is gorgeous.
Calves in the foreground – left to right: No. 2, No. 3, and introducing No. 4. You can see No. 1 in the background she’s started eating feed with the big girls.

calf-4-collage-coming-at-meGorgeous new calf born, will she give chocolate milk?

Sunday we arrived home after church that morning to see a brand spankin’ new baby in the pasture. I mean, hadn’t-even-gotten-on-her-feet-yet new. No. 138 had her calf to the surprise of everyone. We had others on “the books” to calf before her. So yay, a new baby!

A new black baby? Not exactly.

This baby is a beautiful deep CHOCOLATE color. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad in the cow world, but in my world, she’s gorgeous. It may darken later, but for now you can tell a big difference between her and the other black calf. See pic.

She was curious about this lady squatting down in the pasture with a camera in her hand so she came to visit.

This beautiful baby needs a name, No. 4 is just not good enough … I’m thinking Hershey, Godiva, or Ghirardelli. Although I think I’d get tired of trying to remember how to spell Ghirardelli. My spell-check doesn’t even know how to spell it.


What about Chocolate Sunday? She’s chocolate and born on Sunday. That’s it!

Presenting to the world – CHOCOLATE SUNDAY.

Her father is an angus bull, mother a brangus cow. The brangus we have have some deep chocolate undertones in their coats so this may be where it comes from. Wonder if I took this photo to my hair dresser and said, I want THIS color  … what would she say? Ha!


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