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Finally Discovered THIS Low Carb Snack

cheese-strawsI am always on a mission to find a new low carb snack. I have walked past these on the end cap at our local grocery store for the past 5 months. Somehow it never occurred to me they may be low carb. One day I just thought, hmmm, let me see … I nearly did a happy dance right there in front of everyone when I read the carb count! And I’m no dancer.

CHEESE STRAWS! Already made and a MINUSCULE 4g of carbs!!!

As I’ve said before my limit is anything above 10g in carbs (and that’s total carbs minus dietary fiber).

What’s better than that? THEY’RE MADE IN ALABAMA! I mean, if anything deserves a happy dance it’s a low carb product that helps my Alabama-the-Beautiful & her peoples. But I won’t subject the world to my happy dance, ’cause I got no rhythm’. I’ll just share the joy and tell you to check out cheese straws and see for yourself. They are crunchy, cheesy, and a tad bit spicy. Great with chili or just as a snack. I have enjoyed this bag and will be returning for another very soon.

And no, I don’t get anything from Mook Mills, I just like their product.

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