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Food I Choose Not to Have but DREAM of

For a list of the foods I choose not to have right now, but continue to dream and salivate over keep reading.

  1. Papa John’s Pepperoni pizza with garlic sauce – LARGE, for just me.
  2. Cornbread, with butter. Mine. All of it.
  3. Jim n’ Nick’s Rolls, a whole basket full.
  4. Logan’s rolls complete with butter for dipping. Yes, I said dipping. You know you do it too.
  5. Super Pretzels and Cheez Whiz, a whole box found in the freezer i choose not to have but dream of
  6. Cheese cake, plain and tall.
  7. Red Fish, the DG brand, a whole bag.
  8. Barber’s Party Dip and chips.
  9. Twice Baked Potatoes. The BEST recipe. Lots.
  10. Chicken Minis from Chick-fil-a, that picture in the drive thru of the platter of them.

super pretzelSo, you can see my sweet tooth is not my problem. My bread basket is. I want it full and I want it full now.

I listed these items on a night when I was craving #1, 10, 2, 5… I’m craving all of them right now, okay? So sue me. I don’t want to give you the idea that this Living la Vida Low Carb is all unicorns and rainbows. It ain’t.

Right now, I might hurt you for a Papa John’s pizza. I wouldn’t mean to, but I might. This carb craving is fo’ real and it doesn’t just vanish over night. You have to keep on pushing through. Fill up that bread basket with lots of protein and fiber and keep yourself full. That’s what I’m doing anyway.

If I could give you one tip, it would be DON’T GET CAUGHT WITHOUT A PLAN. PLAN, PLAN, PLAN. Each meal, each snack for at least 2 weeks. Keep easy snacks, apples & peanut butter, pepperoni, cheese sticks, pistachios, pecans, cream cheese… carry a cooler if you must. I did. Then once you’re over the hardest cravings, you’ll be used to looking for low carb snacks and it will be much easier for you.

Hope this helps.


Cornbread Mama – I’m an Alabama farm mom who loves sharing this farm life and recipes. Thanks for stopping by, please come back any time!

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