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Gerti the Goat (a.k.a. Gertrude)

Gerti profile pic
Gerti profile pic

Did I tell you I’ve been begging my hubby for a baby goat? He came through with this little beauty, she is my early Christmas gift. I’m so in love!

She has beautiful blue eyes & weighs about 8 pounds. Meet Gertrude, or Gerti for short. She’s a pygmy-nigerian dwarf mix. Right now she’s staying inside until we have her play-yard ready. She will likely only reach 15 inches tall. Her parents are 15 & 16 inches respectively. And if you don’t breed them, they stay smaller. Also, according to several old goat farmers the blue-eyed goats make the best pets.

She’s a wonderful new addition to our family and the farm!

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Things I’ve learned from Gerti in only a few days:

  • Goats go “MAAAAAH”! Very loudly. Even little goats.
  • Goats are messy eaters.
  • Goats cannot control when they poo. They need diapers.
  • Goats like to snuggle.
  • Goats make good friends.
  • Goats make people happy. Especially this Mama.
  • Goats can have lice. Goat lice is not the same thing as people lice and nothing to run away from. Lavender helps get rid of them.
  • Goats don’t smell nice. Unless you put lavender on them.
  • Red bows look so nice on goats.
  • Goats eat leaves, grass, hay, plastic, clothes … but corn & clover are not good for them.
  • Goats don’t like to be alone.
  • Those little hangy things on their necks are called wattles.
  • Wattles serve no purpose.
  • Of course, goats like to climb. On furniture and/or dads.
  • Some goats have rectangular irises, and they have panoramic vision.

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