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It’s been a while. Again.

Yes, well I’ve been a bad blogger for the past ummm year or so. I almost forgot I had a blog. I started a new one. Then realized I should just start posting here again.

Yes. Welcome to my world. Scattered. Smothered. Fried. Kelli-brain.

I’ve missed my blog. I love having my own piece of real-estate in the imaginary internet world where I can keep all my precious internet-ey stuff.

So let’s play a quick game of catch up… Weight Watchers failed me again, or rather I failed it. Now I have even more weight to lose. I’m working on self-control. I have started my own diet plan called Baby-Stepppin’ Kelli. Don’t know anyone who would like to follow it. So far, I’ve done nothing but maintain for 4 months and then gain 5 pounds. So… Needless to say I’m trying to get back on track & ¬†control/correct my eating habits.

Right now as I sit here with my (sugar-free half-caff)coffee, waiting for it to cool down, I am making a list of all I need to do today. Mentally. That’s scary. Mental lists get misplaced around here.

Where’s my legal pad? Umm…

Air filters, that’s it! Need. Air. Filters. Got it.

Ok. Today is not a good day to catch up on blogging. But this is a quick helping of love as I run out to cut the front yard. I love Cindy Colley’s blog! I come from a long line of Southern ladies so you’ll get why I love the title Bless Your Heart. If you’re looking for a Bible study – one that really helps you DIG DEEP check hers out. I’ve been doing it for several months and have really learned so much more than ever before.

Well my mental list has reached it’s limit. Limit of 1. I need to go get to work. So much to do before my son’s baseball party here tonight! So here I go. Insert lawn mower sounds here.¬†

Have a super day!

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