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What’s for lunch

Sunday we’re having our annual Gospel Meeting at church. Of course, we eat after services that morning. I think I’ve been to the grocery store every day this week. I may exaggerate. But just a smidge.

I pick what I will make based on what’s on sale, or what’s in the freezer. As I was walking around our little country grocery store, the only meats on sale are boneless pork chops, chuck roast, and steaks. I do have a pretty good pork chop recipe, but the cost of making a giant batch really negates the fact that it was on sale. I’d have to get several cream of chicken soup cans, chicken broth, sour cream, and french fried onions. That results in me having a checkbook spasm when I get to the check out counter. So thinking of this, I walked by and noticed the rotisserie chickens… HOW can they sell an entire chicken, cooked and seasoned for like $5??? I don’t know, but I’m glad they do. There are tons of recipes using rotisserie chicken. And I plan to make one. I’m thinking of this one I found on Pinterest. Plain ChickenHowever, it does not call for rotisserie chicken, but hey, why not? It would work just fine I do believe! Plus, it turns out, this lady is a fellow Alabamian and better than that AN AUBURN GRAD! War Eagle!



Misbeliefs Galore

I wouldn’t consider myself depressed by any means. Many moons ago, when the babies were small, I did feel like I was. I chalk that up to all the post-pregnancy hormones. And the fact that I had TWO babies. I had never been responsible for even ONE baby in my life. My sister was the baby-hog when we were young. She adored them, and snatched them from me every chance she got. I don’t blame her, they are terribly adorable. Especially her youngest now. I do adore watching her, she’s just so stinkin’ cute. I don’t remember mine being that cute. Who am I kidding? I didn’t have time to think they were cute. They were just pooping, and screaming, and eating, and walking at 9 & 10 months! {I still don’t think that was fair.} So remember that, all of you, “OOOOOh, I’ve always wanted twins!” people. If you had caught me on the right day, I just might have given you a set!

On to the topic at hand. While I don’t believe I am depressed now, I do have a very negative self-talk dialog going on. This is a recent discovery and I had been struggling to figure out how to handle it. I think we all have misbeliefs swimming around in our heads, and most of us are unaware. My aunt recommended this book {Telling Yourself The Truth, by Backus & Chapian} to me, and I have gotten so much from it so far. You just don’t realize all the ‘misbeliefs’ you are accepting daily. I would recommend this book to you, no matter your station in life. Read it. It can’t hurt you. I’m not even half-way through it and I find myself changing life-long habits simply by realizing what I have been lying to myself about, and telling myself the truth.Backus/Chapian

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Wha’cha doin’?

Yesterday I cleaned my microwave using a method I found on Pinterest. Pictures to come. Love it!!!

Today, this is what I’m doing.

1. Babysitting my niece & nephew.

2. Cleaning out our horribly cluttered & dirty closet.

3. Cleaning my washer using this method by Jillee at One Good Thing..

What are you doing today?

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Our sweet chocolate lab Bella was hit by a truck well over a year ago. She was okay, but badly needed surgery on her rear leg to save it. Thankfully my aunt offered to fix her up as well as she could, since we could not afford to pay the $3000 our vet wanted to operate. She’s an amazing veterinarian at the best University in Alabama (in my opinion). Being the kind animal-loving soul she is, she would not allow us to pay her a dime for all she did for our Bella. In return I’ve been working on a portrait for her of her two babies, well I guess they are not babies any more. One is in college and the other is getting dangerously close to graduating from high school.

Natalie & Michael
Finally I finished a portrait I have been working on for over a year.

Finally I worked on it until I reached a point that I thought it was finished. So I just sent it to her at the beginning of this month.

Close up
I am very happy with the way Natalie turned out in my portrait. I struggled with Michael, something about it just didn’t look like him to me. But I am happy with the portrait over-all.
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In Progress….87%

In progress from 2008
My babies hugging at my brother’s wedding

When I began to draw graphite portraits, in 2008, this was one of my very first. I abandoned it because I didn’t like the darkness of his coat. It intimidated me. While recently moving my office around, literally, from one room to another. I found it. Their expressions are so adorable (to their Mama), and it captures their little personalities so well, I decided to finish it.  Also, I don’t have a portrait of my own, to hang on my wall. I am holding one hostage that belongs to my mother-in-law but I eventually have to give it to her. So this is what I’ll be working on over the next few months.

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Tractors, Engines, and Cars


So I totally forgot to tell you I was going to be out of town this past week.


Now, I’m home.

Every year, for the past 3 years, my husband has coordinated a Tractor, Engine, Car Show at beautiful Tannehill State Park. He and his friends, including my Dad and Uncle (the main culprits), decided that we needed a show here locally. Usually we travel to to attend other “Engine Shows”. I was so glad they decided to start this one here, Tannehill is probably the best good-memory-trigger location from my childhood. I’m surprised I was not born there. We have spent so much time there for as long as I can remember. Nothing but good memories.

Our pal Jackson 7 prepares to drive his Grandfather’s JD. Awesome picture!

I’m so glad we can help bring in some extra revenue to the park. We’ve been blessed to increase in attendance over the past years. In this the fourth year, we had a record setting 2500+ come through the gates on Saturday alone. It was wonderful. The weather was great, custom ordered by us & other friends at church. We’ve been praying for the best weather possible & He came through. Highs in the 80s & 90s & some rain to cool it off. We couldn’t have asked for better weather. A little hot, but nothing compared to what it was the week before here in Alabama. We were truly blessed.

Birmingham News Photos on

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The State of the Iron Skillet Address

Iron Skillets
Oh how I love my iron skillets!

You’ve heard the saying, “The state of your bed is the state of your head”. I could care less if my bed is made up or not. I enjoy looking at it nice and neat, but usually I’m not going to take the time, in my sleepy-headed walk from the bedroom to turn around and make my bed up (especially since hubby is usually still in it). It just doesn’t matter that much to me. I’m thinking about all the things I need to do.

For me, the state of my iron skillet is the state of my head.

I enjoy a clean kitchen. But I do not enjoy cleaning the kitchen/washing dishes at night. I usually refuse to do it. So every morning I get up and start breakfast for the hubby and kids, then start to wash the dishes from the last night. When I get behind on this, I get crazy. And when I get crazy, children run away from home!

Each morning, when I walk in, if it has not been done the day before, my iron skillet sits on the stove-top from the previous morning. As I’ve stated before, in Iron Skillet 101, this is not recommended. Once your iron skillet cools enough to handle you really should clean it.When you cook eggs in an iron skillet it’s even trickier. The iron skillet I’m referring to on my stove top is my egg-cooking skillet. Eggs are tricky in an iron skillet, hence the required designation of an egg cooking skillet. I have to say, I do “wash” my egg iron skillet after cooking in it. Although I do not use soap. I use only hot water and a scouring sponge. Then I dry it, coat it with oil, & hang it up. Or at least that’s the plan.

This skillet is also designated as hubby’s iron skillet. Every once in a while he’ll get the big idea that he’s going to cook something. Silly man. From experience I find that he will instinctively reach for my cornbread skillet (which gets him a good lump on the head from said skillet) or, my other really old skillet that I cherish. Hubby’s skillet is newer. If he destroys it by, let’s say, cooking eggs on HIGH, and leaving it for me to clean, it’s no major loss to the history of American civilization. I keep the good skillets out of his reach! His is labeled. Clearly.

I have noticed that if I have not taken the time to clean the skillet, the kitchen is a mess, the whole house is a mess, the children start to talk back, and I eat an entire Papa Johns pizza! What else can be concluded, but that if I don’t clean the skillet, my life begins a down-ward spiral of filth and disgust. What a powerful skillet it is indeed.

Life is better when your skillet is clean, and that’s no exaggeration.

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Happy Independence Day!

Home of the Brave
One Nation Under GOD

I hope you enjoy your holiday. Here in the South, most of us will spend this day as follows.


Spending time with people we love.

Eating {lots} of good food.

Going fishing.

Drinking some sweet tea.

Writing our names in the air with a sparkler.

Watching the fireworks.

Enjoy the day, y’all!

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Tea Cakes

My great-grandmother, Mama Lee, was an amazing cook! Growing up my mother always let us make these cookies and now I make them & let my kids help too (notice the blue sprinkles). This is one of my all time favorite recipes and such a classic. I have discovered the secret to making them literally melt in your mouth like cotton candy. No. 1 – make sure you eat them while they are still warm from the oven. And No. 2 – use real butter. Today for the first time I also used my Kitchen Aid Mixer instead of mixing by hand. So much easier!!!

And, this recipe calls for rolling them out and cutting with cookie cutter. I’m not a cookie cutter person. I use two spoons and drop them about 2 or more inches away from each other on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper.

On to the recipe.

Mama Lee’s Tea Cakes

3 cups self-rising flour
2 cups sugar
3 eggs
1 cup butter (use real butter – it really makes a difference in cookies!)
2 tsp vanilla

Add flour & sugar to large mixing bowl. Mix and make a well in the center. Add the other ingredients & work with hands until all flour is absorbed. Makes a stiff dough.

Roll on floured board & cut. Cook at 350 degrees about 12 minutes. Don’t over cook. Let cool on cooling rack – but not too much make sure you sample them as soon as they are cool enough to handle! Yum!


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Me and Sweet Tea

Sitting here again with my coffee making my list of things to do… So peaceful. Kids are still asleep. No noise in the… Wait, there is noise. Much noise. I hear the tv (that my husband turned on while he ate his biscuits, before leaving for work), and I hear my radio in the kitchen, AND I hear my son’s radio that he leaves on constantly in his room. It’s not peaceful.

It could be, and it shall be.

Be right back.

NOW, it’s peaceful. Nothing but the itsy-bitsy clickety-click of my chihuahua’s toenails on the hardwood and the low sounds of my favorite radio station.

Note to self – Add clip chihuahua’s toenails to today’s list.

So what shall we talk about today friends?

My house is clean – we had my son’s baseball party here last night – so that’s why it’s clean. But I have such a peaceful easy feelin’ when my home is clean. Don’t you? Every time I get it really clean I stress myself out thinking ‘how can I keep it like this?!?’. Then reality hits. I’m sure sometime in the next 2 weeks I’m going to be screaming (in my head) at all residents of this domicile to PUT YOUR STUFF UP! Then I’ll look around and find that I’m one of the worst offenders of the rule ‘Put it back where you found it’.

Time to incorporate Mama’s Rules.

Mama’s Rule Number 1: ‘Never Leave a Room Empty-Handed’.
Such a simple idea and really it can help tremendously when remembered and applied.

Note to self – Remember & apply rule number 1.

So I’ll get to the picture. What is that about you say? Well I have my coffee in one hand and my cold drink – usually Crystal Light Peach/Raspberry/Lemon Tea but today it’s the hard stuff – REAL SWEET TEA. It’s even caffeinated. Like I said, party here last night leaves me with bad stuff in my house that I have to get out. I already poured out one jug of sweet tea, this one I’ll finish. I may even let the kids finish it. That and the 4 bags of chips that were left here. Oh, so bad! They’ll sweat it off outside. Me, it would go straight to… you know.

I never could be a big girl, because I didn’t drink coffee – so said the big girls in my family. {Big girl – not as in ‘fat’ but as in a two year old wanting to be a big girl.} It was just too hot for me. Especially during these 106 degree Alabama summer days. Then one of my aunts told me that she has to have a cold drink while she drinks her coffee and it was so enlightening. Now I am a big girl. I can drink coffee as long as I have something cold as well. So that’s the story behind the photo. Thank you to my aunt A for that! Love ya, mwah.

I think I’ll go enjoy them both now while I begin reading 1 Kings in my Bible study this morning. Thanks again Mrs. Colley for your great Bible study plan!

Y’all have a great day now. And don’t forget to smile.

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