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Photography Mama – Beginner Tips

November Sunshine

I confess, I am a photography cheater. I cannot remember anything well so I have some photography tips to help us newbies take better pictures.

Ain’t no sunshine here today at all. Nothing but rain and dreariness. Then I found this picture I took last week with the sun and all it’s glory shining through. It warmed my soul just to look at it. I’ve been happy learning more and more about photography. I’ll take this opportunity to let you in on a few photography tips that I’ve been working on lately.

First and foremost know that my sister is the professional photographer in this family. I am a true newbie! However, I love good pictures and I want to be able to take them and share them. I’m learning. Turning that dial on the camera to “M” is scary, and I must say I have been cheating a bit by putting it on “Auto” first to get a good idea of what settings to use before I turn it on over the the big scary “M”.

Photography tips
Photography cheat tags

Now I don’t need to do that with these handy cheat tags. Seasoned photographers may be rolling their eyes at me right now, but really it takes something like this for me to learn. Hopefully it can help other newbie photographers as well.

I had these brown tags in my crafty cabinet so i thought why not include the things I can’t remember on them and attach to the camera for easy reference? I included info on the ISO, Aperture, and Shutter Speed. I may add more info later, but for now this helps. I found the basics at the link below as well as other cheat sheets. Just google ‘beginner photography cheat sheet’.

This cheat sheet helps with settings and is where I found my numbers for these tags.

Tip No. 1 – Get down on their level. 

When taking photos of kids, people, animals, whatever – get down on their level to take the photo. Taking pictures from your height is one sure way to make your photos un-spectacular. Squat down and take those photos from the level of your subject and notice the difference right away!

Photography tips
Photography cheat tags

Tip No. 2 – LIGHT is soooo important!

I haven’t explored all the ways I can adjust my camera lens and settings to get the most of natural lighting, but I am working on this. This is something we really need to work with and not against. Being an art major I know that light can – and usually is – the most important concept in pieces of art. The way you handle the light can stop people in their tracks. Light really matters. I’ll be learning more about this and I’ll share what I learn.

Tip No. 3 – Flashes should be used but not seen.

You may have to use a flash but no one should be able to tell by your photos that you used a flash. “Bouncing” the flash off of walls and other structures is the best way to  do this. Again, I’m not an expert on this, but am including it so that we can all research this more.

This is only the first three things I’ve been working on. I hope this can help you and I’ll try to share some more info when I can.

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