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South America or Bust

My little sister is on her way to Guyana, South America as I type. Please join me in prayer for the mission team as they work there to spread the Good News. As she says regarding the picture at the very top of this post,

This photo makes it look WAY more luxurious than it is. Just beyond those trees are burning trash and kids playing with a bees nest (their idea of entertainment). This was also my first experience with ice-cold-showers.

At some point in this trip they will be sleeping in tents and drawing water from a well. My sister tends to be um, how do I say this, accident-prone and adventurous, the two are a dangerous combination. I have faith that the Lord can take care of her wherever she is, he’s done it her whole life. Please join me in prayer for her (Terri) and her protector & minister (Bryant). I’m not sure of the others’ names but God knows.

Thanks for the prayers! She’ll be arriving around 10pm tonight (Lord willing) and coming home March 4. I’m so very proud of her!

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