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Dear Friends,

In the interest of full disclosure … I really like that phrase. I feel like a lawyer when I say that. However, in the interest of full disclosure I am letting you know, like you I need a job. Well, I have a job. A part time job. Two part time jobs actually. And I blog. And I homeschool my kids.

I blog because I love it. I blog because I find it fascinating that there are people out there who might like to read about our life here on this small family farm. It makes me happy when people like my recipes. Stupid happy.

While I enjoy all the afore mentioned (again, lawyer speak-y phrase that makes me feel like all professional – except that I am sitting here in my yoga pants and Bazinga t-shirt) things my family still likes to eat. I mean daily. Every stinkin’ morning through the night. Especially the boy and his dad. In light of this discovery, I’ve been researching ways to help my family with my hobby and I have found that I can advertise on my blog and earn a little income or free stuff. So be aware, I may earn money or free stuff when I include a link. If you click that link and purchase from it, I earn stuff. And I am thankful to you my friends who purchase from those links.

This is a new thing to me so I am learning. I will not be hocking stuff I would not recommend to my friends. Because YOU are my friends. My invisible bloggy circle of friends. So click away but in the interest of full disclosure know I may make a little money off of your click.

Here’s an example of that –

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