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What Do You Eat, Mama?

Are you wondering how on earth I have survived this long and what I ate the first two weeks that began Living la Vida Low Carb (LLVLC)? I wondered that myself, so I started thinkin’ on that.

From day 1 (June 15) I have stuck with apples & peanut butter as breakfast and/or snacks. This morning I had apples & pb for breakfast as well. I am thinking of switching to almond butter asap. I feel that there are too many carbs/too much fats in the regular pb. But it was a great way to get started! I ate hamburgers (minus the bun) – which until I tried it I imagined to be horrible cheeseburger abuse. After trying it I realized that the bun really holds no flavor or appeal. Give it a try!

I also have regularly eaten:

Cheesy Cauliflower (pre-LLVLC recipe)

Zucchini Lasagna Jill gave me this recipe when I was begging for help and I’ve enjoyed it since. It’s really just like lasagna. And I’m a pasta snob.

Cheeseburgers w/out bun

Grilled Chicken Salads
Use the frozen Tyson chicken strips & I found that regular ol’ Hidden Valley Ranch salad dressing has just about the lowest amount of carbs. **Careful to read labels especially of items labeled “fat free” or “low fat” or “sugar free” – sometimes they contain more carbs than the regular stuff.

When I had a really tempting camping trip that I knew I would struggle with eating what our wonderful Cajun chefs cooked, I splurged and bought myself a couple of rib eyes and grilled them. It totally made it okay that I couldn’t eat what everyone else had!

Pears & Cheese (pre-LLVLC recipe)
Buy the lite canned pear halves, put a dollop of mayo on top, and sprinkle with shredded cheddar, YUM!

Cheesy Bacon Love
I have even eaten this, my favorite dip, made by a friend for a Bible study get-together, I just ate it with a fork instead of chips. I mean, the chip is just another way to get it in your mouth isn’t it. Albeit a tastier way, I was all too happy to use my fork and keep on feeling better.

Straight out of the bag are a great snack when in a pinch. I’ve even heard you can bake/microwave them into chips.

Cheese Taco Shells
Sprinkle some shredded cheese – whatever is your fav, I used colby-jack and cheddar – onto a non-stick skillet on medium in a thin layer & kind of in a circle shape. Let it cook until you see it start melting together and once it gets more “done” use a non-stick egg-turner to place it on parchment paper draped over a rolling pin or something similar so that it retains the “taco” shape. Once it hardens fill it with your regular taco fillings. Es muy bueno!

I’ll share more recipes as I remember them, but these are great ways to get going.

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